Red Axe Programmers

Red Axe Programmers was founded in 2002. Our office is in the Netherlands, our clients come from around the globe. We specialize in supporting on-line and e-commerce businesses, offering strategic solutions, technical support, design services, custom and off the shelf programming, and business consultation.

With more than 10 years of working with international clients, we have the breadth and depth to help your company succeed. Over the years, we have designed customized software packages to give our clients the flexibility and technical savvy they need to survive in today's fast moving market-place.

Red Axe programmers brings a broad range of support services. With our years of experience, we strive to help you make your business better.

Technical services

We can help your business thrive technically, by helping you to adapt to the ever changing technical needs and advancements of the Internet. Providing you with off the shelf software solutions such as Wordpress, Xcart and PHPList which makes the technical management of your websites easy and trouble free. Customization is often needed with new software installations. We can do just that so your software meets your individual needs.

Our company is specialized in wordpress and we have years of experience handling website using wordpress. From the whole range of creating website from scratch using wordpress, to customizing existings code, updating or develop themes and plugins.

Our expertise is PHP, Javascript programming, database driven websites and code to any web standard including flat html, html5 and css3.

Over the year we have implemented many different payments method. We've worked with companies such as Ccbill, Epoch, Docdata, 2000Charge, Verotel, implementations of companies working with IDEAL and multiple other billing companies.

For the maintenance of your linux or freebsd based servers you are at the right address as well. Our company has a long history of helping our clients with the problems they are facing regarding servers.

Web Programming Services
Red Axe Programmers